Welcome to ‘The Gallery’.

I was inspired by my Latin professor to set up this blog. She somehow managed to highlight all of the positive possibilities and make them seem better than any fears or reservations I may have had (or still have, if I’m honest.)

It seems strange to suddenly have a blog. I really don’t know very much about ‘blogging’. There are several failed attempts still out there- angsty adolescent ramblings and nervous attempts at ‘serious’ writing- the novelty wearing off almost as suddenly as inspiration struck.

Perhaps you will be the same.

Perhaps you will not.

Here is the difference: I am using my own name and I am telling people about you! (If only to trap myself into trying that little bit harder to ensure that you endure.) I also feel that I finally have something to say. It may not be particularly exciting, original or noteworthy but it comes from a place of great passion, excitement and interest. This, I believe, is reason enough to ‘share’.

Anyway…time to do it…click ‘Publish’. Oooooh.


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